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Berzerk ball 2 Riddles guide

2012-12-31 09:44:26 by RedN

Walkthrough for Berzerk Ball 2 :
Riddles: [?], [?], [?], [?], Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select : (Do 2 "Hell Raisers" followed by 2 "Meteor Smashes.")
One is Silver and the other's Gold : (Have a silver item, and a gold item at the same time [both not from blacksmith.])
Rough way back - (Click on the Geek after a launch, when he comes back to you.)
Geek ain't no dev' - (Click on the "Geek" signs on the credits page in the options until they break.)
Girls around the world - (Dress the Geek in a princess costume and use "V-P" in a launch.)


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2013-04-07 17:37:24

nice one! thanks

RedN responds:

You're wellcome :)


2013-05-28 00:24:37

so helpfull

(Updated ) RedN responds:

Glad it helped!     


2013-06-03 13:32:32

hahahah thanks bro,but in the 'One is Silver and the other's Gold' it is the material or a gold and other silver color item ?

RedN responds:

That's nothing =),to get the "One is silver and the other is gold" you'll have to equip one silver color item and another gold one at once (buy them from the shop).